A new healthy product to boost your energy when hiking: Crunchy Almond

A new healthy product to boost your energy when hiking: Crunchy Almond

A new flavour is launching in June 2021 joining the remarkable flavours you already love. We are thrilled to welcome in our family Crunchy Almond. We want to let you know more about the story of this 100% vegan snack in this story of how the RemarkaBall team came up with a new soy free flavour.

A delicious combination of organic dark chocolate, peanut butter, gluten-free whole grain oats, almonds, hemp seeds, organic chia and more natural ingredients will take your snacks experience to the next level.

We've been working hard to make your wishes come true, and we are happy to hear hundreds of our most loyal customers giving us such positive feedback.

 'Woow, it's delicious.' This is the first thing everyone says after savouring Crunchy Almond. And that was exactly what we wanted to make you feel. That 'wow' moment we've all experienced when finally achieving a goal we've worked so hard for such as when we climb to the top of a mountain, when we buy our dream house, when finally waking up without snoozing the alarm, when getting that well deserved raise, etc. So many other small and big goals we accomplish every day.

Our new flavour, Crunchy Almond, is inspired by our challenges as entrepreneurs, the mistakes we've made in this long path, and all the lessons we've learned while creating our healthy snacks company. 

We've had disagreements and some people have closed doors on us, but nothing has stopped our team. And that's exactly what Al represents.

Wondering who's Al? Al is the character that represents our new gluten-free flavour, Crunchy Almond. Get to know more about Al's remarkable personality with this illustration.

Al is full of joy. He understands that life's not always rainbows and butterflies, but still pretty worth it. Al is always trying to get the best of himself in every activity. For Al, it's important to be grateful about what he has. He enjoys the path to becoming his best version. And we've learned so much from him!

The almonds at the top of the organic dark chocolate layer, represent the different challenges we overcome in our lifetime. And although not everything is perfect, Al has learned to enjoy life as it comes. 

Enjoy life everyday, by yourself or with your loved ones. Enjoy your life when in the ups and downs as this rollercoaster comes in different shapes to all of us. This is very common in Al.

As you know, every path has its challenges and lessons, and an important part of reaching our goal, goes to the attitude we have when overcoming the issues that make a bumpy road.

Have you ever been on a hike, trying to reach the top of the mountain, but feeling you are not prepared for that high level hike? Hiking is a fun and relaxing outdoors experience that gets us to explore different places while reconnecting with nature. 

No matter how hard the hike is, how tired you are, how many times you felt lost or didn't know your way back, when you reach the top of the mountain, you always think 'wow, it was all worth it.' Right?

Let's think about life in the same way as if we were on a hike. As much as we do research on the hike and we get the maps and gears we are supposed to, we need to be prepared for different situations that may come ahead of us.

The important thing? Don't forget what your objective is. Get to the top of the mountain even if you need to climb many rocks and ask for help. And of course, enjoy the journey and have fun while you are on it, as Al does.

Be one of the first customers to try our new flavour, Crunchy Almond. Visit our online shop for a special discount and we'll send as many family packs as you wish to your house.

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Are you like "Al" or someone you know came to mind, let them know they are special by sending this reading to them. 

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