Becoming sexier than ever

Being sexy means feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin, self-love. We knew deep inside that there was an important piece missing. That challenged us to carefully look at all we have done. A hard truth came up, self-love was not consistently achieved. 

We wanted a wow factor to become “a thing”. A thing that would be considered when creating new products that when you taste them, you can feel the “wow factor” in them. A thing that you and your community can feel a part of because we can all relate to being real. A thing that it’s harder to achieve as society dictates perfection on how we should look or feel and never shows vulnerability as an option. 

Our brand must be a synonym of self-love and extraordinary where people overlook “perfection” and appreciate the real values we all have as human beings. 

Everyone deserves a healthy, tasty, and affordable snack

Inspiration calls you when you’re working, especially when you’re working REALLY hard. This time, we thought of ways to reach more of you. 

Yes, we had an amazing snack, healthy, low in sugar, vegan, gluten-free and delicious…

But was it really affordable? 

Could people (who can really benefit from it) purchase it? 

The answer was NO. 

The next challenge was to promote simplicity and self-love in our packaging. We already had two big qualities that we felt proud of, how healthy and tasty our perfect snacks are. However, we knew that we would never reach and benefit the number of people we wished to help. Those who might be looking for a healthier alternative than a snack loaded with sugar and chemicals. Or simply someone who is looking to shave some weight off but doesn’t really find an option in the market to satisfy their cravings. 

This is when we decided to be more efficient without compromising our product’s overall quality.

We looked up for our “purple cow”

Everything started when Giovanna, our co-founder, was reading a book (which she highly recommends) called “The Purple Cow”. This masterpiece was a recommendation from her great friend, Daniel, an amazing local entrepreneur and co-founder of TradeSpace (a co-warehousing community).



This book is about how in a farm field you can find yourself surrounded by cows. A few of them may be chubbier than the others, others may have different cow prints, but if there would be a purple one, you’d be completely shocked right? You even would want to know what’s the deal with this cow? What’s this cow’s story? Yup, this definitely poked her brain. This book changed her mindset and encouraged her to challenge herself on being remarkable, outstanding, or extraordinary in all she does.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. We spent a few weeks thinking about how we could make Fitwave remarkable. By this time, we knew 3 facts that needed to be achieved: 

  1. An extraordinary product (checked)
  2. Pricing (needed to be more affordable)
  3. Self-love as a core value (needed a little work)

With that in mind, our focus now was on creating a masterpiece of a brand while achieving a more efficient production process. By having the 3 of them nailed down, we knew that we would have a remarkable business that will help a lot of people along the way. 

Now, you might be like a few of us were while Giovanna kept talking about her book, remarkable here, remarkable there and remarkable all over the place. 

That is when we decided to call this new journey RemarkaBALL. Yes, it sounds similar, and most important of all, it will keep our minds focused on always keeping up with the name when making decisions, or creating a product. Everything is going to be RemarkaBall from now on. 


Hey, the name’s done, now what?.

Self-Love was the answer

This process sounds way easier than it actually was. Giovanna spoke to a Marketing Agency to let them design this new baby. They wanted to know every aspect of her life (seriously, at some point we thought they would ask for her DNA test too).

It’s amazing how they got inspired and they understood the passion that drives her every day with RemarkaBall. We loved the fact that they felt moved by RemarkaBall’s purpose of making others feel comfortable on their own skin while providing an alternative snack with benefits for their health.

With that being said, we want to welcome you to this new journey. We’re happy to help individuals by providing healthy, and tasty treats. Most importantly, we are super happy to also contribute to their overall self-love. 

At RemarkaBall, self-love is the ultimate goal, the channel, and the driver. 

Be vulnerable and show your true self. The person seeing you is real and might have the same doubts or lack of confidence. Just know that you are perfect the way you are. Shine like a star, your soul will thank you and the person looking back in the mirror will always be proud of you. 

Because the day I embraced who I am, I became remarkable. (Giovanna Serauto). 

self love matters
“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin, author of the purple cow book.

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