Grocery List Before Heading To The store

Stop spending more than you have to on things that won't nourish your body, mind, or soul.

I don't know about you guys, but doing groceries can sometimes be a little bit draining. Specially, when there is one more thing to do in my busy routine, and I don't feel like thinking of all these ingredients, budgets, and going here and there to get what my family needs. 

Shopping list

Are you really a savvy shopper?

Sometimes, we want to be those supermoms or the athletic type who only buy veggies and make the cleanest grocery shopping, we may think! Unfortunately, time, activities, and life get in the way of this.

A while ago, I was dealing with too much stuff such as going to school full-time, working part-time, with a two-year-old, and volunteering at my school clubs. So... yup, I needed to change the way I was doing things at home to optimize my time and save my energy for other activities! 

If you want some little tricks that will make your grocery shopping cheaper and less time-consuming; you, my friend, are in the right place!


5 things that make my grocery shopping way easier

1. I use my phone notes 

to write what I could eat every day, so, I'll buy the ingredients to make that meal every week. It may sound dumb, but it helped me a lot! Even at a restaurant, I've had meals that I said: "Hey! I can cook this!" Write it down, girl! Go for it!


2. I wrote down 3 different meals

and planned to understand how much of every ingredient I'd need. It is incredibly helpful. Having your menu in mind is going to help you buy what you need to cook those meals and nothing else. 


3. I make a plan for my macros 

(protein, good fats, carbs and veggies ). If you need a cheat sheet, you can download it here. I also added some miscellaneous to cook all these macros and have delicious and healthy meals!


4. I started shopping ONLINE! 

OMG! If I knew this before! Shopping online makes everything way easier! It makes you get what you need, check the price until you hit the Payment button, and save lots of time. Pickup or delivery fees are not that expensive (pickup fees are around $5 and delivery $10). Trust me, it seems like a pain in the neck paying for those fees, but you're saving way more by not grabbing everything you see on the shelves!


5. Eat a meal or a snack like RemarkaBalls 

before my grocery shopping to feel satisfied and do not get more stuff than I needed. Sometimes this is a big problem: you're in a hurry, you're hungry, and you think filling that cart to the top is going to save your poor soul. I got news for you; it is not. It's going to crash your wallet and make you feel guilty. My friend, eat a healthy snack and enjoy the benefits of elevating your grocery shopping experience!



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