Why Balls?

Oh boy, if we had a loony for every time someone tells us we should make bars... We would have retired ages ago!

Some people have told us to make bars because "it's easier". Honestly, we didn't look for "easy". We wanted to be different. We noticed that all of those busy women out there needed us. All of those stay-at-home moms with tons to do, all of those boss ladies; we want to help them out by providing a healthy, convenient, and tasty snack made with real ingredients.

Also, sometimes it takes balls to be a woman! Am I right? When we created our recipe, balls felt just right! We knew the exact ingredients and texture we wanted for this snack. Bars were not even close to what we wanted to achieve. 


What is so special about our balls?


Protein Energy Ball Cocoa Hemp perfect snack

Marines and Giovanna went to school to learn about fitness and health. They wanted to create a product that would be high in protein, but also with no preservativesOur balls are made with organic plant-based protein, no preservatives, low sugar, and organic chia! We also add ingredients such as maca, almonds, and dark chocolate. These ingredients provide a lot of health benefits such as boosting your immune system, give you energy, and they also can be a meal replacement if you're looking to satisfy your cravings. 


Our balls have no dates because they can be high in sugar, and we want to free women from counting calories and checking how many grams of sugar their snack has. One of our main goals with these balls was to provide a snack low in sugar. Why this? From all the things that are toxic for your body, sugar is the one that always is related to high-risk diseases in any culture. That is why it is so important to us to keep it low, but tasty!


And, let's face it! Balls are wayyy cuter than bars! We have so much fun making our balls with love, and they're also so versatile! They're an easy grab-and-go snack. You can have a few and that's totally cool, no reason to feel guilty!


Are you a bar lover or balls obsessed? 

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