Our Story


We are Giovanna and Marines: business partners, soul sisters and the women behind RemarkaBall. Our story began with the search for self-love and a healthy relationship with food. This long journey made us stronger and more self-confident inspiring us to create what you will find inside.

We want to celebrate life and enjoy the food that nourishes our minds, bodies and souls. We pride ourselves in creating tasty snacks while promoting optimum health with smart options that can be enjoyed at any moment. We fit perfectly into your daily routine so you can focus on being your most remarkable self. 

The team ingredients

Passion and people who care for others are the two key ingredients when making our team recipe. 


Wellness Obsessed: the heart and face of RemarkaBall. Nothing stops her, and she teaches the team and everyone around her about self-love every day. She might be the craziest one who also attracts people by just pulling off a smile :) 

She is passionate about making people happy and impacting them in a positive way. She also hates rules and breaks them often ;) So, why not create a healthy and tasty snack with ingredients that people can understand?


Rational Soul: she is the most calmed person you’d ever know. She brings us the rationale we constantly need in this world full of madness. She is also the kindest person you’d ever meet! 

She loves rules and abides by them, a great balance for the team!!! Her talent allows us to do things right.


Happiness Maker: he’s always with the right joke at the right time while he is improving every aspect of our business. He does magic by converting every problem into an opportunity.

He loves to encourage Giovanna to break the rules…. Poor Marines!

Changes and innovation are always in the back of his mind to keep improving.